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Green Fees – Includes FDCC golf cart and tax     $55 per player

Additional Rental Carts     $48 per cart

Tournament/Outing Formatting Fee $250.00

* USGA Tournament Program – Golf Genius performs tournament preparation with Player Lists, Pairings, Tee Assignments, LIVE Scoring capability and post-tournament reports

Tournament/Outing Administration Fee $75.00


On Course - Beverage Carts
Clubhouse Tabs (Any beverage or food served):

Tabs are available to all participants in the outing as long as a credit card is kept on file. The outing is responsible for all unpaid tabs.

  • Drink tickets are charged at regular prices

Meal/Food Available:
Provided by:


Need Registration Table & Chairs:
Sponsor or Tee Signs:
Need Awards/Gift Table:
Who is responsible for placement?

(Golf course not responsible for lost signage)


  • USGA Tournament Administration - Golf Genius software for pairing, hole assignment, team selections and scoring.  Live scoring with sponsorship logo and advertising capabilities is available for an additional $300 fee.

  • Tournament and outing formats are subject to course availability and management approvals.

Scoring accomplished by:
Method of Pay-Out:
  • Country Club Gift Certificates and/or Gift Cards (Gift Cards may be from area retailers or sponsors)

On Course Contests:

  • Closest To Pin Holes #2  #8   #11   #13

Shortest Drive

Longest Drive

Longest Putt


Event Timeline

At least 2 weeks prior to the event contact will be made to determine, if any, additional carts required for the event.  Once both parties agree to the quantity, FDCC will contact the golf cart company and order the specified number with delivery prior to the event date.


Seven (7) days prior to the event date, an initial list of players should be provided to the FDCC tournament administrator.

Two (2) days prior to the event, a final player list will be considered the final listing.  

  • If the outing exceeds the final confirmed number, FDCC is not responsible for supplying extra carts.  If you fail to meet the confirmed number, you will not be charged green fees but there will be a charge for each extra cart ($48.00/cart) that was unused. 

  • A tournament/outing review of details and specifics will also be conducted to insure readiness and coordination of event schedules.


Event Agreement & Payment of Fees

The completed and signed Golf Outing Agreement form should be received at FDCC within 45 days of the event date.  The event will be booked once the form and preliminary tournament fees are received.  Selected alternative dates are not guaranteed but will be reviewed for scheduling potential.

Pre-Event Fee Payment:  The Tournament Formatting Fee, $300.00 and the Tournament Administration fee $75.00 shall accompany the signed Golf Outing Agreement form within 45 days of the event date to confirm the tournament/outing event date.   

Post Event Payment:  An invoice with the remainder of event items payable will be emailed to the event contact for subsequent payment within 15 days of receiving the invoice.  If payment is not received within 30 days, an invoice will be mailed with addition of a 1.5% finance charge assessed on the amount due.  Payment may be made by cash, check or debit/credit card transactions.

Event Safety & Liabilities

Golf Carts:  No more than two people and two sets of clubs per cart. Thirty (30) Fort Dodge Country Club golf carts are available and extra carts must be requested within 14 days of the outing.  It is the responsibility of the event contact to notify FDCC no later than 10 days of the outing if there are changes to extra cart requirements.  The event entity represented by the contact signature on the Outing Agreement remains responsible for any and all damage incurred to the carts and/or property damage while in the possession of the group or players.  Groups requiring more than the available number of carts will be responsible for the $48.00 per cart charge for the additional cart rental.


Weather:  If playing conditions require cancellation of the event by Fort Dodge Country Club, the event may be rescheduled or use of the rain date at the customer’s convenience and course availability.  The outing coordinator should be in contact with the Fort Dodge Country Club if inclement weather is in question.


Conduct:  Proper conduct is expected by outing participants while on the golf course.  Players should adhere to cart path rules, replace divots, repair ball marks and rake sand traps.  Unruly behavior, foul language, golf cart abuse, club throwing and hitting into groups will not be tolerated.  Any player that chooses not to follow these rules will be asked to leave the premises.


Contests:  All contests must be approved prior to your event.  Any hole prizes and expenses incurred as part of the contests will be the responsibility of the Outing.


Liabilities & Damages:  Fort Dodge Country Club does not assume responsibility for damage to or loss of personal belongings.  The outing coordinator or undersigned company is responsible for any damage to the rental facility, golf carts or any other part of Fort Dodge Country Club by participants and/or other agents.


Alcoholic Beverages:  The Iowa Liquor Commission regulates the sale and service of alcoholic beverages.  Fort Dodge Country Club does not allow anyone under the age of twenty-one (21) or anyone who appears to be intoxicated to be served. All state laws pertaining to alcohol will be enforced and a valid driver’s license is required. 

All alcoholic beverages must be supplied and purchased through Fort Dodge Country Club.  Any outside alcoholic beverages that are carried on to the property will be confiscated.


I or on behalf of the undersigned company, have read and understand Fort Dodge Country Club’s Golf Policies and have agreed the group will follow all stated policies and regulations as described on the Course Policies, and Golf Outing Agreement. I or undersigned company, guarantee full payment for all charges, green fees, cart rentals and any and all other services provided by Fort Dodge Country Club for the requested event.


To reserve the date and time requested, please complete all pages of the Golf Outing Agreement and mail, email or deliver to Fort Dodge Country Club.


Thank you for submission!

We'll be in touch shortly.

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