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Fort Dodge country club event agreement


Event Fee $1000.00 Use of Country Club property for event including set-up and removals.  The GM or Superintendent reserves the right to determine the event site based on keeping the golf course viable for regular membership. A non-refundable deposit of $250.00 is required to hold the date.

FDCC Assist $  500.00 If FDCC staff is involved with moving supplies to and/or from event site due to weather or ground/turf conditions will not allow vehicles to the event site.  The GM or Superintendent reserves the right to determine and direct traffic to and from the event site.

Golf Cart Use $   40.00 ea Use of FDCC golf cart for event use.  Shuttle of supplies, set-up, removals, guests from parking lot, etc.  Check-in at Pro Shop for keys.  Customer is responsible for golf cart damage caused by neglect or accident.  Drivers must have a valid driver license to operate. 

Refuse/Trash $  250.00 The event may use the dumpster at FDCC for trash and refuse disposal.  FDCC is not responsible for providing trash receptacles, trash bags or transporting trash to the dumpster.

Food & Beverage    TBD Catering of food is acceptable.  Beverages, other than beer, wine and liquor are permissible to be purchased and brought to the event.  ALL alcohol will be purchased through the Fort Dodge Country Club.  Pricing will be provided with list/s of desired alcoholic beverages.

FDCC Bar Staff     TBD FDCC is required to provide bar staff for the sale of alcohol to the public.  The staff wages will be paid by the event client.


Event Fee

$ 1000.00

FDCC Assistance Required ……………………………………………………..............……………………………       $500.00

$40.00 ea  x

Refuse & Trash

Beverages – Beer, Wine, Liquor            Event Party Provide            FDCC Cost & Provide

Beer, Wine & Liquor
Ice & Keg Supplies
Drink Cups

Non-Refundable Deposit               ($250.00)


The terms and conditions for this event have been discussed and is an agreement between the responsible parties of the named event and the Fort Dodge Country Club. The event assumes liability for unlawful acts during the event however Fort Dodge Country Club reserves the right of monitoring of guests and event activities for lawful compliance.

Thank you for submission!

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